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Power-up Your Brain

Not so long ago I realized that my brain was not functioning as well as it had in the past. In seemed that more and more I was struggling to remember where I had left my purse, my glasses, the to-do list that I had made the night before, and so on.

At first, I joked about having “senior moments.” After a while it began to wear on me, especially when I noticed that I was not processing information as quickly as had done in the past. My thinking was occasionally sluggish and I seemed to be losing some of my mental agility. I felt as if my brain were suddenly betraying me by not functioning at the level that was my norm.

I was sure that since there are many things that can be done to strengthen the structural muscles of the body; surely there must be things that could be done to strengthen the brain.

After seriously researching the principles of brain boosting and how to increase brain power and memory, some points became rather obvious:

  • Brain power and functionality have little to do with age; AND. . . they are greatly impacted by lifestyle, which often becomes less disciplined as the years go by. I realized that if I am willing to take action and change some of my ways that I could ensure my mental acuity for many years to come. The operative phrase, of course, is if I am willing . . . to change … my ways…
  • There are a few basic strategies that can be implemented to support brain health and strong mental acuity well into the senior years.

In our twenties and thirties, we do not think about the power of our brain and our amazing mental abilities. They are simply the norm when we are young. But, as time goes by, it becomes important to be more aware, to pay attention to how our brains function, and to do whatever is necessary to ensure that our mental abilities stay sharp throughout  life.

Because of my interest in sustaining a healthy brain and the amazing amount of information that I collected through my research, I decided to share my learnings with others and wrote a book:  Power-Up Your Brain, which is available through Amazon. But, I have decided that I want to talk to others about their thoughts and experiences – and would love to do it through this blog.

I will be posting articles from time to time that explore improving brain power from many different angles, and I welcome your comments and ideas!-

Please, join me!